Saturday, December 6, 2008

The Appointments of Yahuah

The Appointed Times for Israel to observe (cited at Lev. 23 & Dt. 16) have been spurned by Christianity throughout the centuries, yet Christianity has usurped the title, "Israel", upon itself (known as "replacement theology").

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brother Lew

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Yahusha - or Jesus?

It's never been popular for most people to do personal research into what they have been taught, since most coast through their lives without questioning their traditions or those that taught them. A fellow believer has accused me of doing the work of Satan through the promotion of the Hebraic Roots, at this blog:

Lighting The Way Worldwide: Satanism and the Hebrew Roots Movement
(Author: Dwayna, Email )

I invite Dwayna, or anyone else, to look into the true Hebrew Name of the Messiah of Israel, and make the research at least deep enough to be able to spell His Name in the original Hebrew letters. Although "Greek" is not the language of origin for the Name Yahusha, a good place to begin the research would be to compare the Greek spelling of the two names "Joshua" and "Jesus" as seen in the Greek texts at Hebrews 4 and Acts 7.

Upon ascertaining that these two had the same Greek letters IESOUS, it is an easy leap to then go to the Hebrew and find how the term "Joshua" is spelled in the original Hebrew. If you find it to be different than the following, let me know; YOD-HAY-UAU-SHIN-AYIN.

After you have performed this much research, we can then discuss the findings.
brother Lew White